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A frothy mix…

So Rick Santorum is running for President. Thank God I’ve already printed the bumper sticker!

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The Sperminator and the Poor-man Hater

In case you haven’t heard, Arnold Schwarzenegger has just copped to a love-child that he fathered with a member of the help, while Donald “The Donald” Trump is not running for president. In honor of this non news, here is … Continue reading

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Libya: A Lyrical Look

Might I encourage you to bounce on over to Brutish&Short today for a look at the world premiere of their first original videosonigraphic production: “Muammar Gaddafi — Time to Step Off“? I might? Oh goody!

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More Than a Ceiling

According to Reuters, “The United States may hit the legal limit on its ability to borrow by March 31 and faces serious consequences unless Congress acts by then to raise it, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Thursday…The U.S. Treasury … Continue reading

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Political Dis-coarse

[Editors note: The following screed is fractionally out of character in terms of both content and vocabulary when compared to the majority of posts you’ll find here on Write in the Kisser. Yet here I sit, about to press “Publish.” … Continue reading

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Excerpts from THE GAY AGENDA (that I found on a bench in the park)

Gay Day 1: Defy God’s wishes and choose to be gay. Gay Day 2: Practice lisp. Not too gay now. Gay Day 4: Activate gaydar. Hone skills during church. Gay Day 9: Quietly come out to close friends and family. … Continue reading

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Politicking Me Off

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I do my best to avoid discussing politics here on Write in the Kisser because, a) that’s not what this weg is about, and b) it would be redundant anyway, given that politics has … Continue reading

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