Outside the B(l)o(g)x

Occasionally (very occasionally) other people/entities are foolish enough to publish some of my work. It’s probably done out of pity, but at least it’s done, which is why you don’t hear the homeless guy complaining when you flip him a quarter.

Here are just a few (a.k.a., “all”) of the glittering literary (glitterary?) gems that have caught the eyes of innumerable outside publications since late 2006, when I first began to act on this masochistic craving for outright rejection and abject humiliation at the hands of perfect strangers.


3/29/11 – Things I’ve Learned from Rap Songs Over the Last Decade

12/7/10 – A Note from My High School English Teacher to My Parents Regarding My Letter to Penthouse



8/25/10My Wife Isn’t Crazy About Our New Home Security System

6/9/10Welcome to Grizzly World

11/4/09A Review of Some of the Less Heralded Apple Products Debuting During Steve Jobs’ Leave of Absence

2/11/09New To The Internet, My Uncle Francis Naively Responds To Spam Comments Left On His Blog, “Frank Talk”


1/4/10 – My PDA is Prone to PDA


06/02/09 – Friday Doorbuster Specials at the Dollar Store

01/21/09 – My Wife—A Former Speechwriter in the Bush Administration—Reflects on the State of Our Union

04/07/08 – Excerpts from Amelia Bedelia Joins CTU

07/05/07Rejected Submissions to Mother Goose’s New and Improved Anthology of Children’s Nursery Rhymes

12/06/06 – One Amateur Writer’s In-Depth Analysis of a First Grader’s Creative Writing Exercise


11/30/09 – Jump n’ Jivin’, Jump-in Divin’

6/14/09Tonight, Tonight, the World is Wild and Bright

6/6/09I Know a Boat You Can Get On

6/2/09I Want to Go Back to San Juan

4/4/09Struggling to Pass a Pop Quiznos

3/23/09The Straw that Broke the Writer’s Sink

3/5/09The Kitty that Never Sleeps

1/26/09It’s Not Easy Being Green – at Christmas, anyway

12/07/07It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Death

10/12/07Trevor vs. the Real World: I’ve Never Been So Moved

04/12/07Trevor vs. the Real World: Easter Edition

02/08/07Trevor vs. the Real World: Cadillac Woes


[regrettably defunct]

2/21/10 – Actually…

1 Response to Outside the B(l)o(g)x

  1. Todd Ehlers says:

    The Mother Goose rejects are wonderful.

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