Oh, Dad!

My dad got an iPad for Christmas last year. Having used tablet PCs for years, he was a bit slow coming around, but it wasn’t long before he was “Sent from my iPad”ing with the best of them.

Then, about a month ago, we had the following conversation:


I wonder if you can change the tagline? (“Sent from my iPad.”) For example, Droid phones let you customize to say things like “Typos by Droid” or what have you.


I guess so.

Sent from my Droid

Since then, I have received the following farewells:

  • Sent from my iThingyi
  • iThingiDroidipodpadiphoneinot
  • Sent from my iThingy
  • Sent from my iWhat?
  • Sent from my iGoof
  • Sent from my iBurp
  • Sent from my iBleep
  • Sent from my iNot
  • Sent from my iLost

In conclusion, Oh Dad!

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