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Happily Ever Laughter

I love writing humor (loosely defined, of course), but have recently found myself on the short end of a catastrophic calendrical crunch. Much of that crunch is due to my co-editorial (again, loosely defined) duties at Brutish&Short, where, since February of this … Continue reading

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A Site for Sore Eyes

For all seven of you who care (see how I’ve mastered hyperbole!), you may have noticed that I’ve been remiss in my self-imposed humor hosting recently. That’s because I’ve been playing co-co-editor-in-chief at a brand new internet venture, THAT’S … Continue reading

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The Prank Story

I have added a new page to the “Permanently Pertinent” section in my sidebar, which I have ingeniously titled “The Prank Story.” I have titled it this because it is a story about a prank. I briefly considered calling it … Continue reading

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New Category: Sounds Hilarious

Having developed an unhealthy love affair with Garage Band after finally making the switch back to Mac last summer, it was inevitable (and perhaps unfortunate, depending on how keen your hearing is) that my heretofore scant contributions to the world … Continue reading

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Vacation Deflation

I’ve been on vacation this past week, hence the lack of hilarious updates. I know that doesn’t excuse the lack of hilarious updates for the previous 1.5 years, but at least…uhh, at least…hell, I don’t know, make something up. If … Continue reading

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Categorically A Musing

Having never bothered to sign up for “the Twitter” thanks to what a freshman year English teacher once called my “tendency to veer toward the prolix,”[1] I nevertheless continue to find myself in need of a forum to accommodate my … Continue reading

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Top 10.41% Baby!

So approximately halfway through the New Year’s retrospective currently[1] adorning the Yankee Pot Roast homepage (2008: The Year in Pot Roast), you’ll see that the editors have posted a collection of story thumbnails they’re calling “Some Favorite Pieces from 2008.” … Continue reading

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