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Happily Ever Laughter

I love writing humor (loosely defined, of course), but have recently found myself on the short end of a catastrophic calendrical crunch. Much of that crunch is due to my co-editorial (again, loosely defined) duties at Brutish&Short, where, since February of this … Continue reading

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All the single ladies (and men, too, if that’s your thing)

While attempting to help a coworker think of the name for “that tree that starts with the letter ‘M’ and has all those large, twisting roots up near the surface,” I came up with a sure-fire entrepreneurial endeavor involving an … Continue reading

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Weird doesn’t begin to describe him

That’s why there’ll never be another: So what are you waiting for: Buy his new CD! (Wait, why the hell am I schilling for him? I don’t see any of that money. Buy my t-shirts instead!)

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Oh, Dad!

My dad got an iPad for Christmas last year. Having used tablet PCs for years, he was a bit slow coming around, but it wasn’t long before he was “Sent from my iPad”ing with the best of them. Then, about … Continue reading

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A frothy mix…

So Rick Santorum is running for President. Thank God I’ve already printed the bumper sticker!

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This man is my hero — his wife, less so

Please enjoy Pixar guru John Lasseter’s tour of his Hawaiian shirt closet. Yes, I said Hawaiian shirt closet, because apparently, John Lasseter lives in Heaven. (Here’s hoping his wife and my soon-to-be never get to talking, however.)  

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Macs in the Box

After little-to-no deliberation, my cousin Matt and I have decided to collaborate on a series of one-panel comic strips. This collaborative effort may or may not last longer than this comic below, as I intend the relationship to function as … Continue reading

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