Son of a Switch

So apparently you need to be very careful when Googling certain innocent phrases at work. Unintentionally invert just a couple of words and BAM! — suddenly your company internet filter thinks you’re a raging pervert. Anyway, I’m sure once you read the list below, you’ll be able to appreciate my syntactical difficulties. Why not make a game out of it and try to guess which ones are safe and which ones will have HR knocking on your cubicle!

  • “winning jacks off friends” vs. “jacks off winning friends”
  • “video of smoker walking into pole” vs. “video of walking into pole smoker”
  • “widespread holes in her story” vs. “her holes spread wide in story”
  • “white guys shooting balls at stuff” vs. “balls shooting white stuff at guys”
  • “Dick’s Sporting Goods” vs. “sporting good dicks”

Feel free to submit your own. If yours is chosen as the winner, you could win a free lifetime subscription to Write in the Kisser! Operators are standing by. (Though not here, obviously.)

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2 Responses to Son of a Switch

  1. Public Safety vs. Pubic Safety

    • hawaiianpun says:

      Close…so very, very close. But you see, the trick is to use all the words from one iteration to the other. Start droppin’ letters and suddenly you’ve got a whole new — if equally fun — hairy ball game. NEXT!

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