A Site for Sore Eyes

For all seven of you who care (see how I’ve mastered hyperbole!), you may have noticed that I’ve been remiss in my self-imposed humor hosting recently. That’s because I’ve been playing co-co-editor-in-chief at a brand new internet venture, www.BrutishandShort.com. THAT’S DOUBLE-YOU DOUBLE-YOU DOUBLE-YOU DOT BRUTISH AND SHORT DOT COM, PEE-PA. NOW GO BACK TO SLEEP. THERE YOU GO.

Though not a humor site, per se, Brutish&Short nonetheless “PROMISES to conduct itself with poise and erudition, accented by a dash of whimsy and a pinch of ill-advised humor,” as per its Inflammatory Writ. It also promises to do a bunch of other things unrelated to humor that I could repeat here, but won’t, because then you might not feel the need to click on either of the links above, and that would be tragic. I mean, do you know how long it took me to copy and paste those URLs?

Anyway, the point of this post is to explain that, for at least the near future, my already tepid pace of two diarrhea-inducing ditties per week here at Write in the Kisser is likely to be cut down to once a week more often than not, since I will now be splitting my time writing marginally more serious fare (or, at least, essays with fewer poop jokes) over at B&S, not to mention carrying on with my previously referenced co-co-editorial duties. You can come visit me there, of course, but I can’t promise that you’ll like what you see. Not because the site’s not brilliant, but because I intend to start plastering shirtless pictures of me all over it in the very near future. Just don’t tell my co-editors. They might get jealous of my one pack.

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2 Responses to A Site for Sore Eyes

  1. GS says:

    Thanks for the link. I’m tired of waiting for Yankee Pot Roast® to post something.

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