Bunny Rabid

I’ve heard of rodents carrying diseases, but who would have thought the dangers extended to Playboy Bunnies, too?

According to MSNBC, since attending a global Internet conference held two weeks ago in Southern California, approximately 170 people have reported “fever, chills, coughs or other signs of illness.”

The weeklong conference was held at a hotel in Santa Monica but nighttime events included a Polynesian-themed pool and garden party, a networking event at the famed Los Angeles Skybar, and a charity fundraiser at Hefner’s 21,987-square-foot Gothic-Tudor-style mansion in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles.


Within 24 hours after leaving the mansion, scores of attendees reported coming down with symptoms that included fever, respiratory problems and violent headaches, KTLA-TV reported.

Oh God…oh no…this is it. Herpes has become airborne. How can I ever justify going to another Ke$ha concert after this?

Oh well, at least nobody died from this bunny encounter — which is more than I can say for those poor souls entering the Cave of Caerbannog.

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