Jingles All the Way

With Commerce-mas Eve nearly upon us, Write in the Kisser will obviously be seeing fewer hits than a broke junkie this week, so rather than bust my cracker crack from the crack of dawn just to crack you crackheads up with new Cracked-quality cracks while you cackle and kick back with your nutcrackers and crackerjacks by a crackling fire full of Christmas knickknacks and bric-a-brac, please “enjoy” (and I use the term, like my stool consistency, loosely) a few of the holiday caroldies yours truly saw fit to write and record last year in fit of egg nog-induced euphoria.

Gonna Croak

We Wish You a Merry Massage

Puke-Up the Red-Nosed Drunkard


Ho. Ho. Ha. I'm too much!


And now for a special bonus parody!

Mr. Wrapping Paper Inventor

(Aren’t you impressed with how fresh and current my satire is?)

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