Updated State Mottos – Part 2

Continuing the silliness from last time…

  • New Hampshire – Live Free or Die Hard — starring Bruce Willis. On DVD and Blu-ray now!
  • New Jersey – Liberty and prosperity…and The Situation!
  • New Mexico – It grows as it goes…That’s what she said!
  • New York – Ever upward…just like the stock market, right?
  • North Carolina – To be, rather than to seem, way cooler than South Carolina.
  • North Dakota – Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable…and a partridge in a pear tree.
  • Ohio – With God, all things are possible. Except God.
  • Oklahoma – Labor conquers all things…so take that “love”!
  • Oregon – She flies with her own wings…Let’s just hope the duct tape holds.
  • Pennsylvania – Virtue, Liberty, and Independence…now appearing at the Glistening Rhino’s Gentleman’s Club on the corner of Swanson and Main.
  • Rhode Island – Hope, there it is!
  • South Carolina – While I breathe, I hope. Ready in soul and resource…to hike the “Appalachian Trail,” if you know what I mean.
  • South Dakota – Under God the people rule…they just can’t breathe very well.
  • Tennessee – Agriculture and commerce. Pretty exciting, huh!
  • Texas – Friendship…unless you believe in evolution, then get the hell out.
  • Utah – Industry. We wish it would come back.
  • Vermont – Freedom and Unity…though barring that, Ben & Jerry’s will suffice.
  • Virginia – Thus always to tyrants, but not necessarily to Tyrannosaurus.
  • Washington – By and by…or bi and bi. We’re pretty open-minded around here.
  • West Virginia – Mountaineers are always free…Soooo, what are you doin’ for dinner tomorrow night?
  • Wisconsin – Forward…oops, too far. That’s Lake Superior.
  • Wyoming – Equal Rights…for all seven people who live here.
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One Response to Updated State Mottos – Part 2

  1. blogbytom says:

    “New Jersey–Liberty and prosperity…and zombies!”


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