Shark Snark

There is a bulletin board mounted along one of the most-trafficked corridors in my office building that allows employees to post personal flyers describing items or services for sale, available apartments, upcoming fundraisers, etc. Most of them are pretty routine, revolving around used furniture or babysitting needs. However, once in a great mundane while, a posting will come along that causes you to execute a genuine double take (or, if you’re lucky enough to be taking a sip from your Nalgene at the time, a moderately exaggerated spit take), and you realize that there is a reason camera phones were invented:

My first reaction to this flyer was, “This is a joke, right? Even in a flourishing economy, who the hell is going to drop $600 on a stuffed shark that they didn’t even catch?

As it turns out, my notion of fiscal responsibility is apparently less than universal, because if the rip tabs on the bottom of the flyer were to be believed, someone was actually interested in purchasing this thing. In fact, multiple someones!

There are really only two conclusions that can be drawn here: 1) Either this posting is a not-quite-elaborate hoax being perpetrated by a resident cubicle comedian for his own meta-amusement, or 2) People are idiots.

I’m leaning toward the latter. (Though I have to admit, if I’d thought of it, I’d probably have done it myself.)

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1 Response to Shark Snark

  1. dsizzle says:

    uhh, hello….it’s in excellent condition. Who wouldn’t drop six bills on some prime stuffed shark? (The answer is everyone not from your office).

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