Happy Feet and Raging Face

See that spirited little dance my feet are doing right now? No, of course you don’t, because I’m not using a computer issued by a Philadelphia high school. However, rest assured that I am, indeed, demonstrating why my eighth grade soccer coach dubbed me “Twinkle Toes,” since I have just cracked yet another well-respected venue for literary tomfoolery:

[Editor’s note: As of summer 2010, this website is now defunct, so these links don’t lead anywhere. But you can still pretend that other people care about my writing, if it makes you feel better.]

Now don’t go piddling in your OshKosh B’Goshes on my behalf. This is an exciting development to be sure, but it’s not like I solved the health care crisis or anything.

Then again, laughter is the best medicine… Hmmm, maybe you should put down those anti-retrovirals and go read my new essay on Raging Face right now! You can thank me later. (Or, if you’re dead, not at all. Don’t say I never gave you nothin’!)

P.S. Here’s a separate link to the hilarious bio I penned for Raging Face that, regrettably, is not featured on the main page.

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