Urine the Money

In this cruel new world of fast-forward prone Tivo’ers and free internet content, advertisers are struggling to find new sources of revenue. However, I have a suggestion: Why not try placing ads in urinals? With such a captive audience, you’re pretty much guaranteed at least 30 seconds of uninterrupted exposure — from both parties, come to think of it. After all, your only visual competition is a steaming cascade of urine and one or two other dudes’ penises.

Built-in flatscreen video monitors would also be a good idea. Talk about streaming content!

There’s also a lot of room on the backs of stall doors that would be perfect for movie posters. Think about how many people would have gone to see The Dark Knight if they’d been informed about it after dispatching a dark knight of their own. Kinda blows your mind, right?

Call me when the royalties start rolling in.

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