Write in the Kisser Presents: Real Men of Genius (Thanksgiving Edition)

And now the moment you didn’t even know you’d been waiting for: my second attempt at gen-yoo-wine holiday audio satire! (Hear my first one here.)

Always ripe for parody, I invite you to “enjoy” this Write in the Kisser Thanksgiving exclusive: Real Men of Genius: Mr. Turkey Stuffing Inventor.* Don’t forget to crank those speakers! (down to zero so you don’t have to listen to this drivel)

What do you mean this isn't how you're supposed to eat the stuffing?

* For the record, from a technical point of view, this recording is not what you’d call a top-notch effort. But I only came up with the idea yesterday afternoon and was rushing to get it done before going away for the holiday, so feel free to bite me if that bothers you. And by “me” I mean “the nearest available turkey.”

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