Two for the price of none!

Ladies and garbage men, it is my pleasure to announce that one of my inimitable “comedy writings” has been published by — drumroll please — a website other than Yankee Pot Roast! That’s right, everyone’s favorite destination for cuss-free literary humor, The Big Jewel, has finally washed my mouth out with enough soap to be able to accept me into their world wide bosom. As they say:

Our working hypothesis is that there should be at least one place on the Web where humor is both of high quality and family-friendly. Unlike the staff writers on certain late night television shows and men’s magazines, we do not believe that inserting the word “ass” into every other joke is pushing some kind of envelope — unless there is an “ass-joke inserting envelope”.

How true, how true.

So now, without further a Mountain Dew, allow me to whisk you away to my eventual source of fame, fortune, and restraining orders:

New To The Internet, My Uncle Francis Naively Responds To Spam Comments Left On His Blog, “Frank Talk”.

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