Top 10.41% Baby!

So approximately halfway through the New Year’s retrospective currently[1] adorning the Yankee Pot Roast homepage (2008: The Year in Pot Roast), you’ll see that the editors have posted a collection of story thumbnails they’re calling “Some Favorite Pieces from 2008.” To my shock and awe, what should appear amongst said thumbnails but a link to my very own “Excerpts from Amelia Bedelia Joins CTU,” published by YPR last April!

Who says dreams don't come true-ish?

Who says dreams don't come true-ish?

Now, granted, “EfABJCTU” was only one of 38 “favorite pieces” listed here in this, uhhh, list, so even generously assuming an approximate publication rate of one new humor piece per day, I haven’t even necessarily cracked the top ten percent in terms of Yankee Pot Roasty favoritism. But still, to see your face in the spotlight like that (even if it is, technically, Amelia Bedelia’s face) is a touch overwhelming. Which is to say, I’m overwhelmed by how much I’m touching myself at this news. But hey, if that’s the price of fame, break out the baby oil, baby! And please, feel free to re-read this apparent comedic classic of 2008 by clicking on the picture above. It’d mean a lot to me — especially considering that I still haven’t completed anything for Write in the Kisser‘s first legitimate, non self-referential post of 2009.[2]

[1] Though, presumably, not permanently.
[2] So stop nagging me already, mom.

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