A little off the top

In deference to those of you who could, theoretically, care less[1] about the haphazardly published excerpts from my abandoned Granadino memoir, Flawed Abroad: Useless editorializing from an ignorant, close-minded American on his semester overseas, I have decided to begin abbreviating all future excerpts with excerpts, as illustrated by the “Bust a Gato” entry located just two posts below this one.[2]

That said, and in deference to those of you who do care about said memoir, I have also created a fixed page under the Permanently Pertinent header on the right side of this weg that offers a chronologically ordered list of links to each previously published chapter.[3]

[1] Although, in practice, probably don’t.
[2] Unless you’re reading this more than a couple weeks from now, in which case, who knows where these posts will be in relation to one another.
[3] Holy crap, did you read that last sentence? I’m a wordy bastard, aren’t I?

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