What a card!

After a long and bloody internal debate, I’ve decided to add yet another category that nobody will care about to my increasingly forlorn weg. Said category — brilliantly dubbed “What a card” — will focus on my new line of Write in the Kisser greeting cards, sure to be popping up in stores near you in no time at at all. (Which is to say, at no time at all will these greeting cards be popping up in stores near you.) You can expect this scrumptious little category to rear its ugly folded head two to three times a month for the near future, until either A) I run out of ideas, or B) Microsoft Paint explodes. Look for my inaugural foray into Hallmark antimatter within the next couple of days.

Well peons, that’s it. You may now returned to your regularly scheduled lives. (Although, if you’re someone who frequents this site on even a semi-annual basis, it’s painfully likely that you have no regularly scheduled life to return to.)

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