Bloody Well Done!

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I have added a new category under which my entries may be posted. I call it Bloody Well Done! and it will consist of sarcastic accolades bestowed on deserving idiots. The idiots in question may have earned their idiotic stripes fairly recently, or they may have earned them years and years ago. All you need to know, however, is that I just found out about ‘em.

(Reality check: I realize that this weg has a circulation pretty much on par with the handmade Pinewood Times “newspaper” my buddy Ben and I distributed to friends and family for two whole weeks when we were nine, and that actually bothering to write “Site News” entries like this one borders on delusions of grandeur — or at least delusions of mediocrity — but, to tell you the truth, I’ve stopped worrying about it, because sometimes you just have to purse your lips and spit reality in the eye. Which eye? Any eye, really, as long as that eye is soon dripping with hot, gooey phlegm.)

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